After many years in the window decoration sector, our commitment to offering high-technology products led to us creating the ABALON brand to market a product catalogue that modernised how curtains are opened and closed. 

At ABALON, we dedicate our resources to conceiving, designing, producing and distributing smart window decoration products. In a sector where innovation is no easy task, we launch new products frequently in order to satisfy our customers’ demands

The name of the brand comes from a very particular animal, the abalone. Our CEO used to do snorkeling with his father close to his hometown in the Mediterranean Sea. During these sessions they would see the bright shells of the animal at the bottom of the sea and try to collect as many as possible to extend their collection. Many years later, he discovered the amazing qualities of the shell of the abalone. Due to its lovely colors, the shell is used in many decorative objects and jewelry. Moreover, its outstanding toughness also makes it very attractive for hard impact applications. This combination of endurance and aesthetics is what made him feel that ABALON was the best name for our new product line, as well as a lovely reminder of those snorkeling sessions with his dad.