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FAQ – Questions about the Abalon Motorized Track Kit

In this section you can find the most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you need technical details about the ABALON products, please refer to our technical specifications. If you can’t find an answer to your question, send it to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Download here the technical specifications

Consult the following table to find out how much weight the track can bear depending on how you install it.

The motorised track opens the curtain at a speed of 12 cm/s and the noise is less than 30 dB.

Yes, the Abalon Motorised Track can be installed both on the ceiling and on the wall, and the components for both installations are included in the kit.

Installation with a wall switch is possible and easy with the 4- and 5-wire motors. Installation is also possible with a 3-wire motor, but more complex. Consult the following diagrams for more details of each installation.

This may be due to the motor having registered an erroneous opening (or closure) position. To fix it, close the curtain and disconnect the motor from the current (if you cannot do this, separate the motor from the track). Wait 20 seconds and re-connect it. Then press the “OPEN” button on the control and let the curtain reach the end of its run. Once it has stopped, press the “CLOSE” button on the control and again let the curtain complete its run until it stops. 

Yes! Abalon motors have an automatic reverse for safety reasons. This prevents the carriers clashing with the pulleys or with each other. 

To have an estimate of how much space the curtain takes up when folded, you can do the following calculation: 

No. intermediate runners x 1.5 [cm/ inter. runn.] + 7 [cm/pulley] + 10 [cm/mast. runn.] = space the curtain takes up [result in cm]

All the kits include 8 intermediate runners per metre of profile. For example, a 4-metre Abalon kit includes 32 intermediate runners (8×4).  

Consult the following instructions to configure your remote control  

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